Theology Roundtable


September 19, 2019

Theology Roundtable is a podcast hosted by Pastors Jeff Bartell, Troy Stogsdill, and Brett Bartlett. 

In this podcast, Pastors Jeff, Troy, and Brett discuss Bible doctrines, principles, and theology. The doctrines that their churches believe and teach are commonly referred to as conservative, and would be historically Baptistic or traditional. What makes their churches unique is their faith-based view of the Scripture that is balanced with a contemporary ministry methodology. Is it possible to believe and teach historically conservative theology in a contemporary context without legalism and extra-biblical traditions of antiquity? Finding that balance is what these three men are all about, and you'll find that their knowledge of the Scripture has obviously been acquired through a lifetime of studying God's word and walking with Him daily. 



Jeff Bartell is the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church in New Philadelphia, Ohio. 



Troy Stogsdill is the Executive Pastor at First Baptist Church in New Philadelphia, Ohio.



Brett Bartlett is the Senior Pastor at Wyldewood Baptist Church in Lambertville, Michigan. 





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